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Artists may enter a full biography, complete with any links.

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Current Exhibits:
 List current shows, with dates, times and location address.

You should also include this information in your calendar section as MyArtClub.Com lists this information on the MyArtClub.Com main page so that the content is always up to date with the latest announcements made by our community of artists.

You can include a work being featured in your latest show.

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My Galleries :
 List galleries that are currently showing your works, complete with address and phone numbers and links to their site if they have a site.

You can also include links to their galleries in your links page.

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This is the awards that I won.

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 List any publications which have printed your works, or which may have published articles etc of interest related to your art.

You can also include copies of your articles or other items of interest, such as catalogs of your works, etc in the download section.

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Contact Us:
 Phone Number:
866-942-0377 (North America)
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Artist's Statement:

The Artist can use this area to make their personal statement about their art. They can include a work of art that illustrates the statement they are making.


Please write to us now to find out more about artist statements. Send an email requesting "Artist statement details" to: [email protected] You'll be glad you did!

Many artists use their statement to explain their approach to their work, to provide insight into how they approach their subject and to explain their passion for their chosen vocation.

Other artists and prospective customers are inspired by this insight which allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the artist's work.

Studies have shown that a customer often acquires a work of art because of a connection they make with the work. The story that the artist has to tell about why and how they create their work embellishes the story and makes the connection strong.



 Post your customer testimonials here.

There can be no stronger demonstration of the value of your art than customer testimonials. Besides showing off your art work on the website, using testimonials to lets your viewers know how well your work has been received by your customers.

Customer testimonials underscore your marketing message. Testimonials can communicate benefits and value, how you have met customer needs, what sets your art apart, and create market interest.

New customer success stories gives creditability to your work and strengthens sales. Visitors learn how much your art is enjoyed, creating desire in the visitors mind to experience the same, and a higher confidence that they would.

Generally testimonials have higher credibility if the provider is well known, or has some position of expertise or authority, such as a museum curator or magazine editor. If you can get comments from individuals viewed as independent experts, be sure to add them in here too!

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