June 21,2007
Maximize interest in your images...organize!
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Some artists feel just getting the images on line is all they need to do, and the more the images on line, the better. Artists often want to show a wide variety of work, to make the point they possess well rounded talents. Perhaps one style of art will grab a galleries attention, so it must be better they would argue to make sure a wide variety of art styles are sampled. Right?

Wrong! As well meaning as loading up all kinds of art may sound, the way the art is organized and presented is crucial. Think of your own experience in galleries or museums. How nice it is to see art work well lit and set up in an uncluttered and spacious gallery. How much lower in value does art seem when crammed willy-nilly in every nook and cranny of a frame-shop wall?

Think of your customer's experience when they visit your website. Customers can only take in so much at once, especially in today's busy times. If they want to see landscapes, let them focus on that form of your art.

Badly organized multiple styles of art or too many art images at once can actually confuse and 'turn off' customers. Well presented sites have a much higher level of visitor satisfaction, organized presentations can make all the difference. But how can this be done on websites?

Simple! Divide your art into logical sets of images, using the MyArtClub.Com "studios" feature. Each studio is a separate page on your site featuring your collection of similar works. Studios and be grouped as you choose perhaps by style, or by inspiration, by materials, any logical grouping that interests you and your visitor.

The studio feature has a text section for introduction and description of each studio's body of work. Tell your visitor why you were intrigued with these works and they're sure to want more. Use specific terminology so the search engines will link to your studio.

Within the MyArtClub.Com studio visitors can tour the art of that studio in large image format, uncluttered by images from other studios.

So how many studios should you create? I recommend starting with 2 or 3, and define more as you feel the need. Generally try to keep each studio down to 10 or 20 images.

To start building studios, just log in, select "Build or maintain your Artist Site" then select "Activate your Studio Pages option". After you have defined a studio you don't need to reload the art, just assign each image to a studio.

This part is easy but necessary to keep your art showing. Just visit the "Add or Maintain your Art Pages" and next to each art image enter the studio number on the left column box, marked "Display in Studio"

Create studios for your visitor, and you'll get the pay-off!

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