Aug 11,2011
Top 5 key customer-driven necessities to sell art
Posted by Art Marketer at 10:57
Jose Herazo-Osorio said...
Great ideas and good marketing tools. Networking is key for getting our name known by other artists, museums, and collectors. Jose Herazo-Osorio Aug 12, 2011 02:03
Cam Anderson said...
Excellent point Jose, thank you! Networking is a must for every business including, and maybe even more so in the art marketing business.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all present new very convenient ways to leverage your own networks with the power of others networks. We will discuss opportunities in the social media space for artists in blogs to come. Aug 13, 2011 08:54

Peter Kiidumae said...
Cam, you hit the nail on the head when you suggested getting known was one of the biggest challenges faced by artists. Doesnít matter how good your work is if nobody knows about it or about you.

When I got back into my artwork after a 25-year absence, I was living aboard my boat in a small marina with 11 liveaboard boaters. I turned my first drawing of a scene from our docks into a Christmas/New Years card for all 11 residents and that was the first indication they had of my artistic inclinations. Before that none of them knew. By November of the following year everybody wanted to know what I was doing for my next card, the third card made it onto the cover of a boating magazine (because I showed it to the editor who had never heard of me), and my mailing list for cards soon grew to one hundred names. Iíve sold quite a few originals and prints just from those cards.

In my day job I come into contact with people Iíve known for years as well as new people every day. Almost all of them know I paint as a second career because I make sure to innocently work it into the conversation every chance I get. When they ask what I paint (and virtually everybody asks) I whip out a business card with one of my paintings in full colour on one side Ė ALWAYS carry them in your pocket because you never know when somebody needs to know more about you.

If Iím dealing with someone on the phone, it is just as easy to tell them my website address as it is to hand out a card. This year, just half an hour after telling a business contact about my art, she checked out my website and called back with a $1,200 order. Before that conversation she knew nothing about that side of me.

My point is talk, greeting cards, business cards, and a website are cheap enough to be within reach of most starving artists. You donít need gallery representation or awards at an international show to become known. You can start small, and by being persistent you can steadily build up the number of people that know your work. There is no magic, and it really isnít even hard work. Sep 07, 2011 04:17
Cam Anderson said...
Thanks Peter, Very valuable insights to all artists, on the seemingly small steps everyone can take to becoming known. It is amazing what the cumulative impact can be. Sep 07, 2011 08:01

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